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The Turbomed XTERN AFO is a Gamer Changer solution for people with foot drop

It’s not just good for walking – with this AFO you can run, hike and climb mountains for as long and as far as you want without any discomfort. It has been tested and proven itself time and again in many conditions including marathons, triathlons, endurance activities and adventures in the wild Canadian backcountry. And, unlike conventional foot drop braces, it can be used with high hiking footwear, winter footwear and safety boots.

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Introducing the XTERN family

TurboMed XTERN AFO are a revolutionary new treatment option for drop foot.

  • All three XTERNs have a unique patented design to act as an exoskeleton to the impaired limb. This provides the user with unparalleled levels of function without discomfort or rubbing.
  • The XTERNs are custom-built modular ankle foot orthoses (AFO) made from highly durable materials.
  • They attach to the outside of footwear and are quickly and easily interchangeable from shoe to shoe.
  • Unlike many other AFOs, the XTERNs do not prevent ankle plantar flexion or limit dorsiflexion making it easier and much more comfortable.
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Turbomed History

In 2001, Mr. François Côté suffered several injuries during a snowmobile accident. After several months of rehabilitation, he still suffers from permanent nerve damage causing “foot drop”.

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Maximizing functionality & comfort

The XTERN is a custom-built modular ankle foot orthosis (AFO) made from highly durable thermoplastic (limited warranty of 2 years).

It attaches to the outside of footwear and is quickly and easily interchangeable from shoe to shoe.

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François Côté

Co-Inventor & Left Foot Drop Patient

In 2001, Francois Cote (co-inventor of TurboMed) suffered a serious snowmobile accident, breaking both legs and knees. This left him with various disabilities, including a full foot drop on the left side. This accident affected his personal and sporting life but didn’t extinguish his desire to push his limits.